Real time analytics help teams to
focus on what matters

When you grow quickly, team members lose track of company goals, get distracted by low-impact tasks, and miss what’s important right now

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Track all your business insights in every aspects

Provides a real-time view of various aspects of the call center through widgets. Add as many widgets as you prefer and configure them to show as much details as you need.

Top notch features of real time analytics

Summary reports

Get a snapshot of Calls, Live chat, Campaigns, and other activity happening in your organization, with historical or real-time data.

Role based dashboard

With this feature in place you can assign permissions and specify exactly which resources, details and actions can be accessed and viewed.

Custom reports

Build reports tailored to your specific business needs and objectives, and schedule distribution.

Custom dashboard

Keep the reports you care about the most properly organized in one screen.


Display business-critical information to increase transparency.

Call recordings

Call recordings allows you to record, listen to, rate, share, and analyze calls.

Experience the power of realtime analytics

Real-Time Analytics gives you the power to discover insights as data is
collected to improve in-the-moment decision-making

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