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We offer a rewarding partnership program that you can easily join in under a minute. Become a Fonezela Influencer and earn passive income forever. Fonezela offers recurring commission to influencers whenever a customer referred by an influencer pays subscription fees throughout the lifetime of the relationship with the customer.

How it Works?

  • Create an account Signup to the Influencer program and login into your account.
  • Start referring Fonezela to your contacts You’ll get your very own referral URL & coupon codes that you can pass on to businesses that may need and benefit from Fonezela.
  • Access to marketing materials You’ll have access to promotional materials from within your account which you can pass on to businesses around you that may benefit from Fonezela.
  • Earn points and commission Whenever your referral signs up with Fonezela, you’ll be given points that can be accumulated and redeemed against gifts as per ongoing offer from your account. In addition to this when a referral subscribes or upgrades to a paid subscription plan, you’ll be entitled to a recurring commission for as long as the customer is with Fonezela.

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Help businesses adopt Fonezela and pave way for your financial independence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is the commission rate?

A Commission rate varies as per plan and as per the influencer rank. Please login into your influencer account and go to Commission Rates page to know the details

Q What type of gifts are available?

A We periodically update the reward catalog, please check the reward section on your influencer account for more information.

Q Is it free to Join?

A Yes, the program is free to join. However, the account will deactivate if left unused for 90 days.

Q Who can join the partnership program?

A Anyone over 18 years of age can join the program.

Q Is it possible to encash the points?

A No, points can only be redeemed against rewards avialable in the catalog.

Q Do you provide any kind of materials to share with referrals?

A Yes, promotional materials are available for download in your influencer account.


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