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Magnificent and Chic Live Chat Interface

Top notch features of live chat

Chat Widget

Help your website visitors in real time. Resolves their queries, addresses their concerns, and offers them quick solutions. Accept multiple chat requests and improve your customer support efficiency by helping multiple customers simultaneously.

Visitor Info

Gather important details that will help you gain crucial insights about your visitors and their behavior on your website which will help you tailor your future marketing efforts. Track visitors and follow their footprints on your website as they navigate.

Canned Responses

Create canned responses for frequently asked questions such as initial greetings, price, contact details, service related information, requesting information from the visitor, ending the chat and more.

Sneak Peek

Allows you to see what the visitors are typing in real time. This gives you ample amount of time to prepare a prompt and effective response.

Chat Customization

Impress your visitors with the best chat experience, making customization of the chat interface fast and easy.

Chat History

Quickly access and review your past communications with a particular visitor/customer and their information using the chat history feature.

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